Download OCPI 2.2 official specifications | Open Charge Point Interface protocol

The Open Charge Point Interface (OCPI) allows for a scalable, automated roaming setup between Charge Point Operators and e-Mobility Service Providers. 

OCPI supports authorization, charge point information exchange (incl transaction events), charge detail record exchange and finally, the exchange of smart-charging commands between parties.

The current official release of OCPI is version 2.2. This OCPI release contains all basic functionalities like tariff, CDR and token exchange, session information and remote tools. The most important improvements compared to OCPI 2.1.1:

→ Support for smart charging
→ Improved CDR-module for billing purposes and for real time transaction information to EV drivers
→ Improved connection to hubs en support for multiple roles and aggregators
→ Signed meter values in CDRs for Eichrecht / Calibration law support

⏬You can download the complete OCPI specs here.

For more info: OCPI-website:

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