Tesla Model 3 Vs. Nissan Leaf - which is more battery efficient? (Video)

When it comes to electric vehicles, battery (range) is the most critical parameter; Better the battery, lesser the range anxiety!. 

Nissan Leaf is the only 2nd generation car in the world today, which got improved from all the learning from it's predecessor Leaf (2009). No doubt why it's one of the most selling electric cars. On the other hand, Tesla model 3's success is phenomenal, there's no need to describe it!. But how will you compare these  two successful EVs on battery performance?

Both these EVs have different capacity of batteries, different drive trains, chassis, weight, size and power performance. Is it even possible to make a realistic comparison on battery range between Tesla Model 3 Vs. Nissan Leaf  - two totally different cars?

Yes, these guys from thrift-3 have come up with a plan! Check this out, great entertaining video.

How Tesla Model 3 and Nissan Leaf were tested?

➤ Before the start, both the cars were charged for exactly 236 miles of range. (that’s both the electric cars showed the same range on their dashboards)
➤ Both the cars were driven on the same road to Loveland Pass which is at 11,990 ft elevation and came down all the way.
➤ After the arrival to their initial/start location, the dashboard range readings from both the Tesla Model 3 and Nissan Leaf+ were compared.

I know this test is not ideal; that they're very different cars; Nissan leaf is front-wheel drive and the Tesla model 3 used was an all-wheel drive; overall battery capacity of Tesla model 3 is much more range than the leaf (means the SoC range utilization are different). But, nevertheless to a common EV driver who doesn’t think much about these technological difference, who just cares about which car gives the most mileage, this test is a decent indication.

Verdict | Which one was best: Tesla Model 3 and Nissan Leaf ?

You wouldn’t have expected this one; on return, dashboards of both the cars showed exactly the same range (83 miles) left! 

However, considering that the dual motors, heavier body, and a lot more performance (pick-up), Tesla Model 3 definitely has a better battery efficiency & regenerative management, compared to Nissan Leaf.

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