Webinar: Integrating Plug-In Electric Vehicles with the Grid in California

Here's a very insightful webinar hosted by the Alan Turing Institute London, in which Noel Crisostomo from the California Energy Commission discusses the topic of "Integrating plug-in EVs with the grid in California".

Some key takeaways regarding ISO 15118 

(Credits to: Dr Mark Mültin)

➤ "While it is commonplace in Europe and even South Korea and pending in India, there are at least 9 automakers that had made public statements that they are currently deploying or planning to deploy electric vehicles (in the United States) with a version of ISO 15118.

Currently, the California Energy Commission is actively working with 11 EVSE manufacturers and service providers as we consider the design of the next generation of charging systems eligible for our incentives under the California Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Project (CEVIP).

We would like to make sure that the infrastructure we are deploying soon is ready for EVs soon to be rolling off the assembly lines or already operating and are able to understand the language that the EVs would like to speak." (30:33 in the video).

➤  "Unfortunately today, many charging apps request users to offer the departure time and energy needs. As illustrated in findings from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, unfortunately, drivers who are faced with this text and input opportunity only participated in 48% of the potential smart charging sessions.

The lab concluded that even if someone participated, the 'energy needed' provided by the users is not always correct." (41:16 in the video) This emphasizes once more the need for a sophisticated higher-level communication protocol for smart charging applications. Smart charging will become more and more necessary as we'll see a significant uptake of EV adoption starting in 2020.

➤  There's also an interesting cost analysis on two of the three available suppliers of Home Plug Green PHY transceivers needed to establish the communication link for ISO 15118 between EV and charger. The suppliers mentioned are STMicroelectronics and Qualcomm. Have a look at the video starting at 35:10.

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