Cool pickup trucks: Color changing Tesla Cybertruck Vs Rivian Vs GM Hummer EV


Elon Musk replied "yes" to one of the curious followers' question " whether Tesla Cybertruck will change it's color when it's hit with a flame thrower"? "

What has always intrigued the industry is how new ideas and technological developments spawn further industries and new tech. And so it goes for the innovative cold rolled stainless steel on Cybertruck. Some enterprising people will figure out how to create pretty pictures on Cybertrucks without causing internal damage, and trust me, this will be a "thing", no matter how ridiculous it seems today.

Industry expects electric pickups to also open up a whole new set of opportunities. Most of us thought of Vehcile-to-Grid (V2G) and powering the beer fridge on camping trips. However there's likely a bunch more :)

Rivian especially has some neat ideas. Here's some to get you thinking:
  • Power an electric BBQ for tailgate parties
  • Construction site power
  • Charging the battery on your electric dirt bike / jet-ski / snowmobile
  • Offsite power for the trailer / caravan
  • Offsite power for mobile businesses - ie detailer, mechanic, gardening and landscaping, or office.

Cool, Isn't it? In what new and creative way would you use an electric pickup?

In the meantime, GM has now also released a new teaser video that includes a decent list of features for the new electric pickup truck: 
- 1,000 horsepower 
-11,500 pound feet of torque 
-Open air infinity roof 
- Modular sky panels 
- 0 to 60 mph acceleration in 3 seconds 
-Adrenaline Mode - Crab Mode 
-Ultium Battery -Super fast charging 
- Next Gen SuperCruise 
- Ultra vision camera 

Large pickups aren't my thing, but a lot of people love them. Given their gargantuan size, they make a great target for CO2 reductions, and going EV can make this happen quickly. 

This Hummer lands on the plaything spectrum, rather workhorse, so it competes more directly with a Cybertruck than a Silverado. With its open air room and boxy look, its positioned, more as an electric Jeep than a SUV replacement like a Tesla Cybertruck though. 

What would you buy? Hummer or Cybertruck? Or would you buy a Rivian, or another truck instead?

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