What to measure? | Important KPI for CPO , EMSP & EV Charger manufacturers

You can’t improve what you don’t measure” once said a wise man! So, which KPIs should an EV charger business monitor, whether it is a maker, network, or operator (CPO)? Here are some key performance indicators for a few functional categories:

📈 Product (reliability & availability):  

🔺 Charging station uptime, which tracks the percentage of time stations are operational and available to charge vehicles. 

🔺 Charging session utilization, which monitors daily/monthly utilization rates per station to understand demand and usage patterns.

🔺 Charge session success rate, which monitors the percentage of successfully completed sessions against total number of sessions. Needs to be accompanied with failure breakdown by cause.

🔺 Payment transaction success rate, which is similar to above but confined to measuring successful completion of payment transactions on EV chargers.

🔺 Cloud connectivity rate, which measures how reliably the charger stays connected to the system backend and communicates.

📈 Business (monetization):

🔺 Revenue per station, which tracks total revenue generated by each charging station. Allows optimization of pricing and locations.

🔺 Energy costs, which track electricity costs per charging station to maintain profitability.

🔺 Maintenance costs, which monitor maintenance outlays per station to reduce operating costs.

🔺 Charging network growth, which tracks total stations deployed and geographic coverage to evaluate expansion.

🔺 Market share, which estimates market share in key regions compared to competing providers.

📈 Customer (satisfaction):

🔺 Charging speed, which monitors average kilowatts delivered per session. Important for service quality and customer experience!

🔺 Customer wait times, which tracks peak wait times at each station to ensure adequate capacity.

🔺 App ratings/reviews, which monitors app store ratings and reviews to gauge customer satisfaction.

It would be great to enrich this KPI list! Please share the other KPIs you find important in the EV charging business, primarily focusing on L2/L3 chargers. 

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