What is new in Open Charge Point Protocol 2.0 ? | OCPP2.0 Vs OCPP 1.6


OCPP2.0 released in April 2018 is the latest version of Open Charge Point Protocol, that describes communication between Charge points (EVSE) and Charging Station Management System (CSMS). OCPP 2.0 is based on JSON web socket and a huge improvement when comparing to the predecessor OCPP1.6.

Now to make the OCPP even better, OCA has released an update to 2.0 with a maintenance release OCPP 2.0.1. This new OCPP2.0.1 release integrates enhancements that were found in the first implementations of OCPP2.0 in the field.

➤ The official release of OCPP2.0.1 specifications can be downloaded from the Open Charge Alliance download section (link here). 

Functionality Improvements: OCPP2.0 Vs OCPP 1.6

Improvements have been mostly made in the area of ISO 15118 for both smart charging and security, as well as general security improvements. Below section can give an overview of what functionalities have been added / improved in the newer version. 

1) Device Management:

Features to get and set configurations and also to monitor a Charging Station. This is a long-awaited feature, especially welcomed by Charging Station Operators who manage complex multi-vendor (DC fast) charging stations.

2) Improved Transaction handling:

Especially welcomed by Charging Station Operators who manage large numbers of charging stations and transactions.

3) Added Security:

The addition of secure firmware updates, security logging and event notification and security profiles for authentication (key management for client-side certificates) and secure communication (TLS).

4) Added Smart Charging functionalities:

For topologies with an Energy Management System (EMS), a local controller and for integrated smart charging of the EV, charging station and Charging Station Management System.

5) Support for 15118: 

Regarding plug-and-charge and smart charging requirements from the EV.

6) Display and messaging support:

To provide the EV driver with information on the display, for instance regarding rates and tariffs.

7) And many additional improvements : that are requested by the EV charging community.

Below is a quick snapshot of functionality differences between OCPP versions:


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