Webinar: ISO 15118 Communication Protocols for Electric Vehicles Charging

Are you interested to explore ISO 15118 - one of the leading international standards of electric vehicle to grid communication interface standards?. I would recommend you to start from this webinar of Dr. Marc Mültin. 

Like any other ISO/IEC standards, ISO 18118 can also look complicated to understand if you start reading the specifications documentation straight away. Luckily, this webinar will provide you a quick start by providing a clear overview of the standard.

Contents of the webinar: ISO 15118 Communication Protocols for Electric Vehicles charging

This webinar covers many topics related to ISO 15118 and its development, including:

  • ISO 15118 as a key communication protocol for the EV ecosystem
  • How ISO 15118 enables smart charging
  • How ISO 15118-20 enables bidirectional charging
  • Cyber-security provisions currently in place

Watch the full webinar below:

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